Lessons from life

Let me tell you a story -I know a boy who is close to me . He was official in some competition but having interest in a particular team. Eventually that team won that match .So i congratulate him. He told me that at certain time in match when there team was losing they do some cheating at the official bench which was in favors of the particular team.He was very happy and cheerful in telling me that .During that at time i said that it means that you are cheater. He start seeing my face.I said as you have cheated so you are cheater.As you were official so you are responsible for cheating. After listening this the boy who was always happy and cheerful with me get different .Instead of feeling ashamed he behave as i have done something very wrong. He left little stunned,unhappy and of course not guilty
If somebody has done something wrong and he is happy about that ,then it is not necessary that he feel happy if you say that he is wrong. This is called as concept of relativity in human behavior


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