excellency in Physical work is also a achievement

Yesterday I went to change my car’s silencer. First I purchase it from automobile store .I ask him were I can get mistri to replace it . He told me there is a person name Aslam, near Rajban, he is expert in changing silencers only. It is my nature that I always like Karam Yogi’s in any field if they are expert.

Education of book’s is never be more than that of experience.

When I reach there, I find a very smart person standing there, he said I am Aslam. He was a person with a very good welcoming smile. He entered in his room when he returned bank he has changed his cloth to that of mechanic. He immediately went below the car and started his work. Roughly this work may have taken only 15 minutes only. But he found that due to excess heat bolt had melted and get jam in it. So he used arc beam to heat it to very high temperature and during melting he take them out. It took about one hour thirty minutes. He is a very lively person full of smile. He charge me Rs 100. In my view he is self employed person who is expert in his field. I call these people Karam Yogi’s .These people are always around us you require a vision to observe them. They are very happy souls. Near to that place middle age person whom they were saying Ystad ji was doing Dainting and painting work. A boy of 10 years old was helping him. This is the training process, for young boy to become expert like Aslam . Interesting when I was returning back there I found that some people were doing dharna or demonstration. There it was written B.Ed Dharak Berojgar Sangh it mean group of unemployed B.Ed. degree people.

So, there was Aslam doing work with smile, on other hand. There were people who are educated but are waiting for government to give them job. Physical work in future will be great source of employment and dignified living.


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