Bad experience at dentist clinic or rather to say shop

Today when i return back from coaching,then my wife told me that she had toothache.She is under treatment of Dr Rahul vaid .So when i inquired she told me that his staff ,not he himself has done filing.As she was feeling pain ,we both went to his clinic.To our surprise his staff told us hat he will not see her as time is over to take more patient.When i told her she is his patient .
and under extreme pain again .We sit outside,.After some time she take our paper and get inside the room of doctor .Doctor said that if office is getting closed ,do you think we should take more patient.Listening this ,i simply tell him to give my papers and come back. Some questions which come to my mind were
1) Suppose you are doctor and some patient come to you,then is it ethical to send your patient to examine by junior which is under you .As my wife was complaining that her treatment was done by junior not by doctor itself ,then what is use of going to renowned doctor because this treatment one can take from any fresher.If you have not yourself treat a patient ,then what its use.Is it ethical?
2)If somebody who is under your treatment is having some emergency, then do you feel
that you still treat her as your new patient.

Things are getting more glittering but reality is otherwise.Infrastructure is required but personal care will remain personal


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