continuity of life-success story of Ashwani Kumar

On 12Th of august in evening,i get special birhday gift.One of my favorite student ashwani comes to meet me.This year he has qualified IAS exams scoring 218 rank.Previously he was in IIT Chennai.He enter there by scoring 114 rank.He belongs to some village near meerut,He used to come from Shastri nagar on bicycle.His father and elder brother work so that He,his brother and sister can be educated,Both of them are also Doctors.Major portion of their income was spent on their education.But his father has vision that he wants his children to to be educated.And all of the three responded him well.He was very good student ,He just take twelfth coaching and done whole syllabus,But he was in habit of applying his mind i.e was in the habit of self study.Self study is one of the gift for human being ,because it increases the concentration level
.Also for the preparation of IAS he dont take special coaching.He says coaching make you to think like teacher.But they take their original talent.Conclusion is that it do not require your parents are very rich then only success will comes to you.what require is the correct guidance from parents side.When we are born God gives the capability of continuity of life that is to live and fight in every circumstances.if you are focused and enjoying your life you will get success
and also that time will remain with you as a wonderful memory.
Ashwani told us about administration in general.He is interested in improving education sector .according to him there is no need of new policies .Existing policies are good but they have to be implemented nicely.I have full faith in him ,may god give him courage to face real world.


  1. sir it is always such a nice and introspective feel to go through all that is written here...and this one is really somewhere touching one or the other aspect of everyone's life.

  2. this is actually very inspiring, to have nothing at hand, but achieving everything!!

  3. thunbs up to that chap fm my side sir.... nice work from him.. :').. khsushi ke aanso aa gye ye sun ke.. :P


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