continuity of life-Reality is quiet harsh

Posted by PicasaIn this post i have two photographs .I think both of these our elders belong to same group.The one is reading a holy book and is in peace with surroundings.This picture i take in Gandhi garden meerut some days back.This person was having his grand children with him ,They were enjoying his company and the person was contended with life.
Other photograph is of same age group person but whom i get interacted when he come to our house requiring money.I asked his name .He replied chotu.By asking money he was not comfortable.But this is continuity of life.I tried to offer him water,but he moved forward.
Sometimes when i watch wild life pro grammes in TV ,i feel animals are far better than human beings.If they are hungry then only they eat ,otherwise they relax.While human being have restricted their survival only for money. If you have no money you cant survive. Birds if they are hungry ,can migrate from one place to another but for human it is very difficult because you require money to get everything.

We humans have to pause and analyse in which direction we are heading


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