Continuity of life-I do not require to GOA/RIO to enjoy my life

These are photographs of Anil,Arvind ,Suresh and rekha.They all are enjoying in their own pool.This pool is filled of mud and it is near ASC butchery.All of these are full of energy,positive about life.Whenever i pass on the road near this pit ,i usually found these guys enjoying this bath in scorching heat.Mud give them better cooling effect.One day i decided to talk to them .They get very excited.Their parents are mainly beggars .So i said what they want to do in their life.First of all they were are not comfortable by this question because for kids the life is present not future.All of three said they learn some skill and they will wash utensils as career .There confidence level was wonderfully high..Excitement in their eyes was remarkable.I was there with them for sometime learning about the life from them which was better than that written in some book.All of them were proud of their parents.
Every kid whether they belong to any part of society are TARE JAMEEN PER .Happiness in childhood is common to all human being . Question arises how i should become real teacher and work for those who requires us most.I will try to start project for these kids who can become better than that what they want to become


  1. All life's an experiment; the more experiments you do, the better!"


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