Practical way of learning

Few days back me and my class XI students in Sophia presented before the school some
physics explanation of common principles .I was stunned to see the positive energy and confidence of my students.They explained the every stuff in such a manner that every body get interested in the phenomenon.My aim was to take my students away from book so that they can gain confidence in real physics and this way we were successful in making the students interacting with
their parents at home.Education has two aspects one to satisfy the need of students and other one is for society.Me and my students are very thankful to Principal sister Gail ,for allowing us to do this experiment in school.I hope the success of this will motivate others to develop students centric projects.
Last but not least , I want to thank my guru Moolchand Ji for helping me in this project


  1. Great initiative :)

    Its great to have an approach that can fit in as many ways of learning as possible..each student must have his/her inlet in learning..thats true democracy :D

    congrats sir :)


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