continuity of life

Life is never ending process. It is continuity in space time .After so many weeks I decided not to teach on this Sunday.Today I get I tried to understand life in some better way.Yesterday Iwhen I reading review of Paa, I noticed one line which I found interesting which Auro(Amitabh bachan) character is enjoying the life because he was not having any self pity of his shortcomings but he is natural human being. Natural human being is one who take life as a continuous function in this space time.

Mr bachan Is himself like a Aura who has overcome the stagnation of age and taking life as it is .When I see the advertisement of pension plan in TV ,in which character try to take such plan so that he can enjoy life without working are pathetic thing which try to make a life as a discontinuous function,which in this life is not possible.

Today evening I met a old person of 72 years age moving on cycle and giving some courier from door to door. One of my friend Sanjesh had told me about this person few days back. He really covers lot of distance on Bicycle.When today I met him I feel a man full of energy doing something to support himself by doing work. He is not having any complaint towards any body. This I called continuous function of life.

Lfe is same. Mr bachan at 68 is Is doing to explore new ways of acting,while person at 72 is doing it for continuity of life .This is beauty of this life. For me person doing any thing is far superior than the person who stands and wait for thing to get happens itself.


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