running for false education

To day i was teaching my class in which most of the students were from St.Marys.My aim was to teach photoelectric effect .I started with workfunction .I started by putting question to my class
What is workfunction ?I get stunned to see that no body was able to give answer of this question?a science student of class XII is not responding to this question?Same problems arise with sophians/
What is cause of this problem?
I think the cause lies in there habit of running for tutions and not doing any self study/The money per students invested by these students is enormous but basic grip on fundamentals is getting more and more poor.Going through only tution notes will not give you indepth feeling of subject.
I have just started this discussion ,i will put my feeling in next blog


  1. Frankly speaking, I dont remember coming across work function before Photoelectric effect; so I would give the benefit of doubt to the students.

    I enjoy your examples from classes with topics that you covered :)

  2. Thank you for giving feed back of students view


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