Reaching the sky

Today ,we had a workshop on watching sky ,counting of stars in our school.Mr Deepak Sharma of NAS college demonstrate how to see the Jupiter and its moon be high resolving telescope.It was reflecting telescope .Through that we observe Jupiter and its satellite.Then we watch moon .The visibility of spot on it was quite fantastic.Since it is close to us its intensity(inversely proportional to square of distance) was quite bright,Then students participated in the exercise of counting the stars technique by using a cylindrical tube of 23 cm. In this from the given place we counted number of visible stars in 10 different direction.Then we take its average and after multiplying by 345 we measure the number of stars. Students were very much excited .I hope that in future we may have more such workshops
In the end i want to say
Twinkle -twinkle little star
I do not wonder what you are
By spectroscopic method ,
I know that you are hydrogen


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