Mobile as a creator of wavering mind

From last few years i am observing that the natural level of concenteration of students in studies is decreasing .Fall in natural concenteration level will effect their life in all spheres.Mobile is one of the cause for that.Their mind is always preoccupied because of mobile.Socialising is good but without any reqirement is wastage of time and money.By using mobile unnecessarily students learn first thing is the wastage of money which i think is the main cause of wavering mind.It ruins the time management.Because of this their is lot of wastage of time,unnecessary development of contacts and habit of getting busy for nothing.
As a physics teacher i am convinced that the electromagnetic waves to which we are exposed
becuase of mobile will be affecting the magnetic fields associated with neurons in our brain.Our brain works with the help of electric signals ,they must be get disturbed because of fields.The unnecssary use is also creating anxiety which can be obesrved by unnecessary rash driving by girls. The avereage speed is increased because the ears are hooked to mobile.I am writing this thoughts keeping students in my mind and fall in there conceteration.
May not be applicable for every body.I will continue this discussion with more facts


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