Students self promotion

Today  there  is advertisement  in  Local daily by  teacher. It shows three students of our Sophia school.

Marks of one student Pranati  Dang are correct while that of other two are wrong.Reporting wrong marks is not good.

By  going through that advertisement  I feel very disgusted. Sophia topper should not comment like this.I was having a feeling that this year sophia topper is a natural genius  which i think was my misconception She is also like a ordinary  student. By reading her comments it become clear   why school teacher feel  low .I don’t  know  why ,but today  I am very angry and thinking whether to teach in school is worth . Undoubtedly   I don’t like self promotion of  students  . Not  expected from students of Sophia.

Your comments will be appreciated 


  1. Indeed it is disheartening to see why students of Sophia have indulged in such self promotions and above that, to see the limits to which few teachers can go to promote their tuitions(Advertising wrong marks).

    The students in the advertisement emphasise on the need of learning elsewhere from school whereas being a Sophian myself, I can assure that school teachers are experienced and competent and their capabilities are evident from the good record of marks being obtained by the students since past many years. In fact, in my own batch, i have examples of students who are scoring much much more than those who go to tutors that advertise wrongly in the newspapers.

    It is sad to read that high scoring students of prestigious schools are indulging in such false self promotions!!

  2. It is very much depressing, discouraging and off-putting to see the students of Sophia doing such a thing for promotion. In the process of increasing people's faith in other institutions they're confirming other people's faith in "Sophia Girls' School" wrong.

    And as commented by Amrita that teachers of Sophia do work hard which is evident from the result and the improvement in students itself.

    But Sir, on the other hand there are other students who really appreciate the way you and other teachers of Sophia teach. And its highly appreciable of you, Sir, that you've brought to our notice the way few Sophians are getting into self promotion.

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  4. literally speaking sir Sophia Girls' only want,that they should be noticed in some or the other hell with such people....
    u know how hard u work...and so do we marians say AURORA SIR *MAGICIAN OF PHYSICS*....................sir comment ko " PADNA CHAHO PADLO..."..........ya sab bata bakar ki ha..aur bataiye sir KUTIYA par kab jaoga.........

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  6. Sir, this is in reply to one of your comments on my Post " Have nots of the society". You talked about doing practical things. Well sir, as far as i am concerned, at my level I'm teaching dance to children who cannot afford any education. So there is this Unit which provides free of cost education to them and so I'm a part of it. And hence, I'm sharing my talent with them. Similarly everyone has a talent or a job for that matter and can therefore, help others using that. So there's lot that can be practically applied once we are wishing to help !!

    Sorry for replying as a post here. Didn't know where else to tell you about this.

    Thank you for the comment.


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