Should we be afraid of failure

Fear of failure

Failure in school is a word which now a days is getting very common .Some of the students who are not able to perform good are advised either to take TC or repeat one year. Most of the students which have been advised this is not able to perform consistently throughout the year. Now the most of the parents think that the repetition is wastage of time, so by using their contacts or money they will be able to make him/her to go for next class in same school or in other school. I want to ask from readers of this blog which way is correct and why?

My opinion is that if they have to grow they have to face the failure. otherwise  they will not be able to enjoy success .There are so many stories regarding success after failure .Few years back  I got a student from reputed school  who get failed in eleventh ,instead of  taking as  fate ,he make list of errors he committed  and decided  to work hard. He gets selected in various engineering exam.

Why parents do not understand that coping with failure is part of the journey which is called life. By taking them away from this experience they will never be able to induced requirement of hard work.

Some of the students who come in XI  starts preparing for competitions exam  by considering the competition syllabus to be different  than school syllabus  .But it is not so, most of the competitive exams example IIT JEE ,are now more syllabus based ,First you have to develop good understanding of concepts and  then gradually improve your application skill. I want my readers to write their comments so that this discussion may be continued.


  1. Sir, I believe repeating an year not only costs students a lot of time (when time is most precious) but also undermines their confidence because they then feel that they cannot study and a lot of students will give up.I think more motivation should be provided to them and more strictness should be used with them but they should not be held back unless they have extremely low marks.

  2. Thanks for showing interest.My aim was to start this discussion.What i have suggested is only for those students which are not only having extremely low marks but thaeir aptitude for all three PCM is negligible

  3. nice blog!! ur other blog is marvellous!!!

    superb sir!! keep it up!!


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