CBSE 2008 paper

Physics paper of CBSE 2008 was somewhat different than what it usually comes.
This method of changing pattern of the examination and testing is brilliant approach which can separate the bright and mediocre. The marks obtained in such type of paper
would give an index of the thinking ability of the students.

Teaching and learning for clearing exams only has taken a toll in terms of our capability to develop the analytical abilities of our students.

Physics and sciences are growing subject where it is required to think about what is taught and discuss the contradiction in order to seek harmony.


  1. this is a good way of thinking for the bright and talented people who really require to seperate the creamy layer students among themselves ...

    but again the main problem stands for the not so talented or for the students bad at studies ....

    the CBSE really has got one way right but the problem increases again as the pass rate this time has gone drastically down atleast among the boys leading to another crisis of the fail percent...
    The HODS method may have a benefit but it has got many faults too.

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  3. Its a good change, but it would be more effective if change would have been brought at a slower pace.


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